The University of Western Australia

Haibo Jiang


Presentation Title


Insights into lipid transport from direct visualization and quantification



Progress in molecular trafficking studies has been slowed by the inability to visualise the process with high sensitivity and spatial resolution. In the past few years, we developed reliable protocols that combine advanced imaging technologies and isotopic/elemental labelling to track molecules in cells and tissues. These approaches have proven to be useful. Using these approaches, we visualised the movement of triglyceride-rich lipoprotein (TRL) derived lipids across capillaries and into surrounding healthy and diseased parenchymal cells; quantified effects of deficiencies in critical proteins on the lipid transport; and revealed a rapid transport of TRL derived lipids across glioma capillaries. Recently, we further developed and demonstrated the use of correlative light, electron and ion microscopy (CLEIM) to investigate molecular trafficking at the subcellular level. This presentation will discuss our recent efforts in the development of bioimaging methods and their applications in investigations of the transport of lipids.



Dr. Haibo Jiang is a DECRA Research Fellow at the School of Molecular Sciences at University of Western Australia. His research has largely focused on developing bioimaging methods to study the mechanisms of transport and metabolism of lipids and drugs and their impact on human health. Before relocating to Australia, he was a postdoc and a graduate student at the University of Oxford, UK.