Curtin University

Yu Yu


Presentation Title


Translating Phosphoproteomics Data for New Therapy in Recurrent High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma






Dr Yu Yu is a Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University. Her research interest is cancer therapeutics with specific goals to pursue advances in the fields of experimental agents and translational oncology for the treatment of recurrent cancers. Dr Yu completed PhD from the University of Sydney studying the use of iron-chelating agents as anti-cancer therapeutics. She then pursued postdoctoral training at the TeLinde Gynecologic Pathology Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA with a focus on understanding the mechanisms of recurrent ovarian tumours and therapeutic strategy to overcome the disease. Her most recent research findings illuminate how tumours developed paclitaxel resistance. The exciting results provided critical evidence for the use of SYK (Spleen Tyrosine Kinase) inhibitor and led to a recent phase I clinical trial combining SYK inhibitor with the dose-dense paclitaxel regimen to treat recurrent ovarian cancers.