The production of a poster is easy the production of a scientifically great and easy to read poster is not so easy and requires some skill and practice.  You can find some very useful information on poster design at

Posters must be no larger than A0 (0.841m x 1.189m) and be clearly readable. As we have fixed size poster boards which display TWO posters per board it is imperative that you DO NOT EXCEED 0.841m in WIDTH. (i.e. your A0 poster must have portrait orientation)

All abstracts accepted will be allocated a poster position on the day EXCEPT for abstracts being presented orally and those rejected. All oral and rejected abstracts will be notified by the CBSM committee. All other abstracts will be poster only presentations. To all oral presenters your abstracts will still appear in the CBSM proceedings.

CBSM is supported by and recommends the poster printing services of The Big Picture Factory