This year, Thermo Fisher Scientific will be offering a $500 voucher and $200 cash for the most outstanding manuscript published from work undertaken during an Honours, Masters, or PhD studentship. The manuscript must be either published or accepted for publication (evidence of acceptance must be provided if the manuscript is not already published). Only students named as FIRST author will be eligible to apply. The applicant does not need to currently be a student but the manuscript must be from work undertaken during a studentship term and have been published in the last 12 months. All applicants must be no more than two years post-studentship on the date of the meeting.

Manuscripts should be "AS PUBLISHED" and should be submitted as reprints or high quality photocopies. Manuscripts submitted as accepted for publication must have evidence in the form of a letter of acceptance from the editor of the journal. Accepted manuscripts which have not been published should be submitted in the format acceptable by the journal. The successful candidate is expected to use the funds to present their work at a national scientific meeting.

The manuscripts will be judged by the CBSM organising committee and Mr Peter Harpas from Thermo Fisher Scientific.  The winner will be announced at the CBSM conference.

The deadline for the receipt of manuscripts is the same as the abstract submission deadline as detailed on the Submit Abstract page

Please email both your manuscript and a covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (pdf or WORD documents only).  The covering letter should provide specific detail of the manuscripts publication status and give a brief overview of when during the students candidature the work was conducted and then published (i.e. during the second year of a PhD).  The covering letter should also provide the phone number and email address of the students supervisor or the manuscripts senior author in case we require more information.